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Better Tracking, Right in Your Hands

The Pet Diabetes Tracker App enables pet parents to better track and manage dog and cat diabetes, and provides leading edge solutions to veterinarians by setting a new standard of care.

Tools for a Healthier, Happier Pet


Create a Profile

Establish a monitoring routine that works with your schedule

Keep A Record

Keep a Record

Everything from food and water consumption to blood glucose levels

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Set a Monitoring System

Use precise measurements or observational assessments

Save and Send

Save & Send

Record up to 24 blood glucose measurements in a 24-hour period to share with or email to your veterinarian

Create Alerts

Create Alerts

Remember routine monitoring, daily insulin injections, veterinary appointments and insulin purchases

Convenience & Accuracy for Diabetes Monitoring

See What Pet Parents are Saying


I love it! The fact that I can add symptoms, run a BG curve, track his body score and send detailed reports to my vet is amazing. Anyone with an animal with diabetes should get this app.

- Eos (Apple App Store)

Works Great

This app has excellent features for monitoring pets with diabetes.

- Alexandra (Google Play Store)

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The FREE Pet Diabetes Tracker Mobile App is the best way to record blood glucose measurements, generate a blood glucose curve, and send results to your veterinarian.

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