Dog Parent Materials & Videos

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Spike The Dog Has Diabetes "Storybook"

Meet Sugar and Spike in this illustrated story.

Pet Diabetes Awareness Poster

Pet Diabetes Awareness Poster

Learn more about signs of pet diabetes and which pets may be at greater risk.

Vetsulin Administration Guide Canine

Vetsulin® Administration Guide

All the details you need about preparing and giving a dose to your dog.

Diabetes Monitoring Sheet

Get all the information you need to know about using Vetsulin® in one place.

Vetsulin® Glucose Curve Kit

How-to instructions for monitoring to create a glucose curve.

Vetsulin® Pet Parent Brochure

A guide to managing canine diabetes with Vetsulin.

Learn About Pet Diabetes with Sugar and Spike

Vetsulin® & VetPen® for insulin dosing - What you need to know to care for your pet

When it comes to managing your pet’s diabetes, knowledge is key. Learn the proper way to give your pet their medication with these videos, which provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare, assemble and administer insulin to your dog or cat.

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The FREE Pet Diabetes Tracker Mobile App is the best way to record blood glucose measurements, generate a blood glucose curve, and send results to your veterinarian.

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