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Staff training

It can be stressful for pet owners to learn that their pets have diabetes mellitus. They are likely to be concerned and have questions about how the disease may affect their dog or cat. To help your team answer questions your clients may have and guide them in the management of their pets’ diabetes mellitus, we have developed some helpful training modules that your team can use to sharpen their knowledge.

The modules below are designed to help you understand what diabetes mellitus is, how it is diagnosed, and how it can be managed in dogs and cats with Vetsulin® (porcine insulin zinc suspension).

Training modules

Module 1: About diabetes mellitus

This module provides an overview of what diabetes mellitus is, as well as how it is diagnosed and managed in dogs and cats.

Module 2: About Vetsulin

This module reviews the benefits of Vetsulin for both dogs and cats with diabetes mellitus.

Module 3: Managing diabetes mellitus with Vetsulin

This module details how Vetsulin is used to manage diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats. It also covers the exclusive tools and support that are available with Vetsulin to help make diabetes management easier for your clinic and your clients.