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Ear sampling

Blood sampling in diabetic cats

A glucometer and glucose test strip are needed for this procedure. Blood can be collected easily from the earflap of the cat by performing the following steps:

  1. Make sure the cat's ear is warm. If not, hold it between your hands or apply a warm compress for about a minute in order to make the blood collection easier.
  2. Quickly prick a clean, hairless part of the ear at the site of the marginal ear vein with a sterile hypodermic needle or lancet.
  3. A small drop of blood will appear. Collect the drop on the glucose test strip and insert the test strip into the glucometer. Compare the read-out to the normal levels of glucose in cats 80–120 (4.4–6.7 mmol/L).
  4. Gently but firmly apply pressure to the cat’s ear using a clean cotton ball or piece of gauze until it stops the bleeding.