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Proper handling and storage


Vetsulin® (porcine insulin zinc suspension), like many other insulin preparations, is a suspension. The active ingredients in Vetsulin are present in the precipitate and in the clear supernatant.

Therefore, before administering, the insulin should be shaken until a homogeneous, uniformly milky suspension is obtained. This applies to both the 10 mL vial and 2.7 mL cartridges.

Foam on the surface of the suspension formed during shaking should be allowed to disperse before the product is used and, if required, the product should be gently mixed to maintain a homogeneous, uniformly milky suspension before use.

Clumps or white particles can form in insulin suspensions: do not use an insulin vial or cartridge if visible clumps or white particles persist after shaking thoroughly.

When loading a new cartridge into VetPen, priming is necessary to remove air bubbles. You begin this process by dialing a 1-unit test dose. Holding the pen vertically with the needle pointing upward, you tap the cartridge gently with your finger a few times to push any air bubbles to the top. You then push and hold the release button towards the needle until the arrow on the pen body points to the start line on the dose selector. It is very important to repeat these steps a number of times until insulin drips actively or squirts out of the needle tip and no air bubbles are visible in the cartridge window as the VetPen is turned upside down. Once primed successfully, the cartridge is ready for use.

In addition, clients should be advised not to reuse insulin syringes or VetPen needles. One of the main concerns is the potential for bacterial infection. Also, the silicon coating inside the syringe may contaminate the insulin vial with silicon, resulting in a white precipitate forming in the vial, which may interfere with the biological activity of the insulin. The used syringes and VetPen needles should be disposed of appropriately in a sharps/biohazard receptacle.


Store insulin refrigerated at 36°F to 46°F. Protect from light. Store Vetsulin vials upright in the refrigerator to avoid crystallization around the stopper. Do not freeze insulin because this will denature the insulin. Avoid high temperatures. Use insulin contents within 42 days of first puncture. It is recommended to keep cartridges refrigerated during usage. When VetPen is loaded, it can be stored on its side.